Examples From Our New Wikidata Timeline Creator


Have you seen our new Wikidata timeline creator? It lets us make filterable timelines live from Wikidata (Wikipedia data) and the results are very impressive!!

Below are some of the latest timelines created by us and other users who are already taking advantage of this new tool.

The timelines generally have both a colour code and one or more filters you can use to refine the events visible on the timeline. (see below for info on the different difference between colour code and standard filters.)


Click the info icon on the timeline for basic controls.


NOTE: These timelines are created live from the Wikidata database and can take a minute to load the first time you open one, please be patient.

Wimbledon Single Winners

Colour Code: Mens / Womens Singles

Available filters: Winner, Playing Hand, Nationality


Timeline of the winners of the Men’s and Women’s singles competitions at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.


(some missing data for the early women’s tournaments. Timeline will auto update once the data has been added to Wikidata)


Works by Voltaire

Colour Code: Type of Work

Filter: Type of Work


Timeline created for the Voltaire foundation by University of Oxford’s Wikimedian in residence Martin Poulter shows the history of works by Voltaire.


See original post:  If Voltaire had used Wikipedia…


Discoveries of chemical elements

Colour Code: Colour scale by Atomic Number

Available filters: Type of discovery, Discoverer, Discover Country, Discoverer Citizenship.


The colour code on this timeline has been set to ‘colour scale’ by atomic number.  The darker the colour the higher the number.




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Colour code = Expand (show more results).

The more colour code categories you select the more events you will see on the timeline.

  1. Click on the ink drop icon to show or hide the colour code key.
  2. Select one or more of the colour code categories to filter the timline.
  3. By default all the colour code filters are turned off (this will show all events)


Standard filters = Refine (show fewer results)

The more of this type of filter you apply the fewer events you will see on the timeline (only events that match all the filters will be visible)

  1. Click on the new filter icon to access the list of available filters types.
  2. Use the search box to find a filter to apply.
  3. You can apply multiple filters across filter types.



Create your own Timelines using this tool!

These timelines are all created using SPARQL queries run on the Wikidata SPARQL endpoint. Anyone can write a query and use it to create a timeline.

If you are familiar with the service, you can create timelines from your own queries here. Histropedia – Wikidata Query Timeline (beta).

If you would like to learn how to create your own query and timeline here is a brief tutorial from Histropedia founder Navino Evans to get you started.



Tweet at us if you have any questions about this tool, require help creating a query or rendering a timeline: @Histropedia


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