Timeline of Isaac Asimov novels by series

Isaac Asimov novels by series

Our newly colour coded timeline of Isaac Asimov novels by series lets you easily follow the history of each series.




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Empire series


Foundation series


Robot series


Lucky Starr series


GREY = One off novels

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Empire, Foundation and Robots

Have you read every Novel in each series? Did you know the later Foundation novels are actually prequels or that Asimov took a 25-year break from all three series between the 2nd Robot novel and the 4th Foundation novel?

If you want to make sure you haven’t missed any novels or are starting from scratch and want to know the publication order this timeline is a very useful tool.

Asimov in 1965. Wikipedia

Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics has become a major concept in science fiction.

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Isaac Asimov is considered by many to be the master of science fiction storytelling, and his 3 laws of robotics has become a major concept in science fiction.

His Empire, Foundation and Robot series (which Asimov would eventually consolidate into a single story) are beloved by critics and fans alike, with best-selling and award winning novels in each series.

Asimov’s three major series of science fiction novels start with Pebble in the Sky. Published in 1950 it is the first in the Empire series. The second and third novel in the Empire series are released in the same years and the first two novels in the foundation series, Foundation (1951) and Foundation and Empire (1952), followed by the third novel in the foundation series, released in 1953. The first novel in the Robot series was published a year later in 1954 followed by the second in the series four years later in 1957.

The world would have to wait 25 years for any of these stories to be continued, when in 1982 the fourth novel in the Foundation series, Foundation’s edge was released followed by the final two Novels in the Robot series. The second of these two, Robots and Empire (1985), along with the later novels in the foundation series consolidate the three different series into a single narrative.

After Foundations Edge, published in 1986, the rest of the novels in the series are prequels to the original Foundation series.

Note: The grey coloured events are one-off novels that are not part of any series, also this timeline does not include any short stories.


What is your favourite Asimov Novel or series?

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