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Looking for new content for your blog?

Need inspiration for your upcoming posts?

With Histropedia you can embed any timeline on your blog for free and now we have started collecting timelines to help you find cool content for your ‘on this day’ posts.

In total we have over 300,000 timelines mostly created automatically from Wikipedia categories and we’ve started collecting timelines related to events that happened on different days in history.

To start with the majority of entries will be timelines of works by notable people who were born on that day. For example American actor and director Buster Keaton was born on the 4th of October, so on the page for that day we have listed a timeline of films directed by Buster Keaton (see embedded example below) and a filmogrpahy timeline showing the films he appeared in.

These are only a tiny selection of the timelines available on Histropedia, see the bottom of this post for more ways to find timelines to enrich your content.

Find a timeline to embed.

Navigate to the day below to see timelines for people born on that day in history & click on any of the timeline links to open the timeline.


 01 – 02 – 03 – 04 – 05 – 06 – 07 – 08 – 09 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – More coming soon.

Grab the embed code

Once you have found and opened a timeline you want to embed, you need to get the code snippet to embed the timeline.

Click on the share button

share button

This will open the share timeline box, the box also contains the embed code for the timeline you have open.

Select the code in the Embed Timeline box and copy the text

All that’s left to do is paste the code snippet into you blog where you want the timeline to appear, below is an example of an embedded timeline for films directed by Buster Keaton


Films Directed by Buster Keaton

Learn more about embedding timelines, including how to customise the size of the embed window on our knowledge base article. Embedding timelines


Histropedia is free to use and all timelines are published under the:

Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike Version 3.0 Unported Licence

Other ways to find timelines

If you can’d find anything to post on our #onthisday posts, or we don’t have a post for the day you are interested, don’t despair! There are thousands of timelines on Histropedia, try browsing the rest of our blog or searching on the directory.

  1. Browse featured content on our blog

  2. Go to the timeline to search the entire directory


Create your own timeline

Start from scratch by adding individual events to create your own custom timeline and save it to your account, or modify an existing timeline and save a local copy to best suit your content. See Saving timelines for more info



Histropedia is constantly growing and improving, if the timeline you wanted to use doesn’t exist or isn’t very good it can often be created or improved, sometimes automatically using our advanced tools.

Please let us know which timelines or topics you are interested in using and we will do what we can to improve the content for you.

Because all of the events and timelines in the directory are publicly editable you don’t even have to wait for us to improve anything, you can jump straight in and start improving the content you need to use. That includes using our advanced tools not only to improve the content that already exists but to create custom timelines specific to your content.

Any improvements made to Histropedia (both manual edits or using the tools) will help improve the service for anyone using the site and is greatly appreciated!

For more info about Histropedia:

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