New upcoming feature: Embedding Timelines

Embedding Timelines

Great News!

We’ve added embedding timelines to the next release, and it’s going to be FREE! 
Our goal with this feature is to provide a resource that will allow you to easily add an extra level of engagement to your content. Embedded timelines will display in a read-only mode and the layout has been altered so the timelines will display better in a smaller window.


What timelines can I embed?

You can embed any timeline created using Histropedia. Everything is published under the same creative commons license as Wikipedia so feel free to use a timeline we have made or any timeline created using Histropedia.

You can also create your own timeline using Histropedia. Our timeline creating system is by far the quickest and simplest out there (if there is a quicker timeline creating site out there we haven’t been able to find it). Now that we have added the ability to embed there is no easier way to add a custom timeline to your site.

Within a few months we will also have the first version of our timeline directory which will contain 1000’s of readymade timelines for you to choose from.


Why would I want a timeline on my site?

If you have a blog or are writing a post related to a historical event, then adding a timeline to accompany your post is a great way of giving your readers a visual overview of the topic, allowing them to see when the events took place and how they relate to each other. 

If you’re not blogging about history, a timeline can still be an amazing addition to your content. You can use an embedded timeline to create a chronological list on just about any topic. For example if you were writing about an actor, author, director, or musical act a bibliography style timeline is a great way to show a history of works to accompany your article. 

Alternatively if you are writing about a company you can use a timeline to show all of the products released by that company. 

The embedded timelines are fully interactive; allowing readers to navigate through time in the same way Google maps allows you to navigate the world.


When can I start embedding timelines?

We hope to start testing the feature within the next few weeks and the feature will go live shortly after that. If you would like help test the feature leave a comment below or send an email to and we’ll contact you when we have the first test version available.


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