Top timelines September Week 2

Top timelines

With over 300,000 timelines in our directory even we don’t know what timelines Histropedia has to offer, fortunately we are not the only one finding timelines, so here is a list of some of the interesting / popular timelines users have found on Histropedia this week:


Top timelines September Week 2

Video games based on Marvel Comics

27 Events from 1990 till 2014

Timeline showing video games based on Marvel Comics, are any missing? and there any new games coming out or recent releases we have missed from the timeline? let us know in the comments.


Footballers at the 1936 Summer Olympics

150 Events from 1902 till 1994

Timeline showing players who took part in the 1936 Olympics. All players are pinned to their lifetime, so you can easily see who were the oldest/youngest players in the competition.


Surrealist artists

127 Events from 1880 till present

From Salvador Dalí to Noel Fielding surreal art takes on many forms, explore this timeline and let your mind melt into the world or these surreal artists.


Have you found any interesting timelines on Histropedia? let us know in the comments and we’ll include the best timelines in next weeks top timelines post.


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