Ford Mustang: Launched 50 Years Ago Today

Ford Mustang

On this day (April 17th) in 1694 the first generation Ford Mustang was released.

The Ford Mustang created a new class of American auto-mobile called The Pony Car. A sports car-like coupe with short rear decks and a long hood, a class to be adopted by competitors such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, AMC Javelin and Dodge Challenger.

The Ford Mustang in one of the most iconic cars in history. The first production model was released in 1964 and the sixth generation will be released in 2015. As well as the different generations of the Mustang there has also been several in house and 3rd party variations. The most famous variation probably being the Shelby Mustang, a higher performance version of the Mustang.

As well as a good racing pedigree the Mustang has also starred in numerous movies, including Gone in 60 seconds, Bullitt and Goldfinger to mention just a few. In both version of gone in 60 seconds the car receives a start title credit under the name “Eleanor”. In the original 1974 film Eleanor is a 1971 Sportsroof and in the 2000 remake a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 with a customized body kit.

A continued and successful presence on the race track, numerous appearances in the movies and consistent and often record breaking sales make the Mustang one of Ford’s most successful models of car.

Today’s timeline shows every generation of the Ford Mustang as well as most of the in house and 3rd part variants.



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