Wikidata Query Viewer Example Timelines

These example timelines are Wikidata SPARQL queries that have been set up to render timelines using Histropedia’s Wikidata Query Viewer tool.

Our Wikidata Query Viewer will render timelines from SPARQL queries run on Wikidata. The tool allows you to map selected variables from the query to the required timeline fields.

The examples below have all there fields mapped to display the timeline. Some of the examples are using the same SPARQL query but are colour coded (and filterable) by different types of event.

Many of these examples use modified versions of queries available on the Wikidata SPARQL Query Examples page.

All of these timelines will open the query on the timeline page.

If you would like to edit the query click on the gear icon after the timeline has loaded to view the query page.

Example Timelines



If you have any example queries you would like us to add please comment below, also if you would like any help creating a new query, or setting up an existing SPARQL query to render a timeline please let me know… happy to help!


The Wikidata Query Viewer is one of our new ShowCase timelines built using HistropediaJS, to learn more, and discover other ShowCase timelines head on over to the ShowCase Timelines Home Page

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