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Bring your content to life and increase online engagement with interactive timelines!

This is a mobile only demo of a timeline created with our timeline rendering software HistropediaJS.
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HistropediaJS Home Page

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HistropediaJS Mobile Demo BETA

What is HistropediaJS

HistropediaJS is a JavaScript Library (Web development software package) designed to allow you to visualise your existing content as interactive timelines. The software works by taking your content (data) and rendering it as interactive timelines that can be added to an existing web page, used to create a full screen experience, or even setup to run offline on an interactive touch display at your premises (ideal for museums and exhibitions).

Thanks to a wide range of built in options, it is easy to customise the style and functionality of the timelines to suit the needs of your content.

HistropediaJS Home Page

About This Demo

This is a demo of a HistropediaJS timeline, optimised for use on a mobile device. It includes touch gestures such as swipe to change event (portrait mode) and pinch and zoom (landscape mode). The mobile version offers a different experience to the complete desktop version of HistropediaJS. To see the desktop version of this demo (including an example of embedded timelines) visit (from a desktop or laptop).


UI Elements

HistropediaJS is a light-weight and streamlined product designed to allow you to easily connect your own page elements to the timeline. The html elements on this demo such as menus, filters pages and pop-up screen are basic elements we have created to better show you the inner working of the HistropediaJS.


Data and Filtering

This demo has been created using sample data that was readily available from Wikipedia and Wikidata; it is a taste of what HistropediaJS is capable of, using a small selection of publicly available data.

The true power of HistropediaJS is harnessed by using it with YOUR data, where the filters and colour codes available are only limited by the data that is available and your imagination!

HJS Timeline Renderer Mobile Demo - Gesture Controls

Placeholder image

Change Viewing Mode

Portrait (single event) and landscape (overview) offer different viewing modes and have different controls.

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Switch Event Placeholder image

Swipe left or right to switch to the next or previous event.

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ZoomPlaceholder image

Two finger pinch-zoom changes the amount of time visible on the screen.

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ScrollPlaceholder image

Touch (hold) and drag left or right to move through time.

Placeholder image

Related ContentPlaceholder image

Double tap an event to open the reading window. Use the    &    buttons to switch events in the reading window.

Filter the Timeline

Click on the filter icon to view or change your current filters and the active colour code. You can add multiple filters across different filter types.
NOTE:If you are left with no visible events it means there were no events that matched all of your applied filters.

HistropediaJS Mobile Demo

Contact Us or Request a Demo

If you have any questions about HistropediaJS or would like to discuss the possibility of a demo using your existing content, please get in touch.

We are always happy to discuss your timeline needs, and advise you whether HistropediaJS would be a suitable product for you. We are also always interested in collaborations with potential data partners, if you have an interesting collection and would like to discuss how it could be visualised we would love to hear from you.

Email us at:

From time to time, we also volunteer as Wikidata consultants for cultural heritage institutes who are interested in adding or linking their data to Wikidata. You can learn more about Wikidata on the Wikidata home page.

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