Demo Timelines

The demos on this page are designed to highlight how HistropediaJS interactive timelines could be used to visualise different types of content.

The example data we have used is for demonstration purposes only, and Histropedia is not affiliated with any of the companies or organisations mentioned in the demos. In general, the data used is what was available from public sources such as Wikipedia and Wikidata and may not be complete or accurate.

The UI elements such as timeline title, filter panels, related content reading window and the timeline control buttons used on the demos are html elements we have added to give you some ideas of different ways you can interact with the timelines. We have designed HistropediaJS to be as lightweight as possible, making it easier to incorporate into your existing infrastructure and link to your own control buttons and UI elements.

There are 3 different types of demo available, Fullscreen and Embedded which are both desktop only demos and Mobile which is only fullscreen.


Book Publishing Catalogue

Available Demos



Descendants of Queen Victoria

Available Demos



Works by Famous Renaissance Artists

Available Demos

Fullscreen Embedded Mobile


YourRecordLabel Albums

Available Demos

Fullscreen Mobile

Pink Floyd Albums and Tours

Available Demos

Fullscreen Embedded

Heritage Buildings

History of Chartwell House

Available Demos



Arsenal F.C. Players

Available Demos


Contact Us

If you have any questions about HistropediaJS please get in touch.

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Personalised Demo and Consultation

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of a demo using your existing content. We are always happy to discuss your timeline needs, and advise you whether HistropediaJS would be a suitable product for you.

From time to time, we also volunteer as Wikidata consultants for cultural heritage institutes who are interested in adding or linking their data to Wikidata. You can learn more about Wikidata on the Wikidata home page.

Using UI elements from these demos

If you have acquired a license for HistropediaJS and are interested in re-using any of the elements from these demos, or would like to discuss a beskope timeline solution, please get in touch.

Collaborations and joint ventures

We are also always interested in collaborations with potential data partners, if you have an interesting collection and would like to discuss how it could be visualised we would love to hear from you.