Top Timelines September week 4

Top timelines

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another look at the top timelines being viewed this week on Histropedia. Once again a wide range of timelines from art history to children’s books. Let us know in the comments if you discover any interesting timelines and we will include them in next weeks Top Timelines!



Video game consoles

86 Events from 1972 till present

A personal favourite and one that we have previously highlighted, this timeline shows the history of video game consoles since the 1970s.

Contemporary painters

741 Events from 1884 till present

One of the timelines on our Timelines of Famous Painters – Portal Page receiving views this week through organic traffic.

British game shows

205 Events from 1955 to present

Interesting timeline showing the history of British game shows, but lots of events still their dates improving, one for the editing projects it think!

Working Title Films films

95 Events from 195 till 2014

Timeline showing films produced by Working Title Films, a British film production company, based in London and owned by Universal Studios. Recently improved by our films editing project this timeline is one of a huge number of timelines by production company that can be found by searching Histropedia.

Captain Underpants novels

12 Events from 1997 till 2014

Timeline of the Captain Underpants series of children’s novels by Dav Pikey.

hidden events

Hidden events are marked by small grey lines on the timeline.


These timelines span several decades, so when you first open them some of the events will be hidden.

Make sure you zoom in to different periods on the timeline to uncover all of the events.




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