5 Interactive Timelines of Previous Oscar Winners

Making use once of Wikidata, and our new tool for creating live timelines from their ever expanding database, we have put together a few timelines of previous Academy Award Oscar winners. The timelines are created live from Wikidata and show the previous winners of the 4 acting awards and the award for best director.

All the timelines are colour coded by the nationality of the recipient of the award. You can view the colour code, and use it as a quick filtering system, by clicking on the ink drop icon on the timeline. The timelines can also be filtered by Genre and Recipient of the award. Click the filter icon to choose a filter type and search for a filter to apply. Applying multiple filters in this way will reduce the number of event visible on the timeline.

Click on the the links to open the timelines in full screen.

These timeline are best viewed in full screen, and embedding 5 timelines in this post wont do your browser any favors.

Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role

Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Award for Best Director


NOTE: These timelines are created live from the Wikidata database and can take a minute to load the first time you open one, please be patient.

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Create your own Timelines using this tool!

These timelines are all created using SPARQL queries run on the Wikidata SPARQL endpoint. Anyone can write a query and use it to create a timeline.

If you are familiar with the service, you can create timelines from your own queries here. Histropedia – Wikidata Query Timeline (beta).

If you would like to learn how to create your own query and timeline here is a brief tutorial from Histropedia founder Navino Evans to get you started.

Tweet at us if you have any questions about this tool, require help creating a query or rendering a timeline: @Histropedia


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