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As part of our effort to help you find timelines of famous painters we have created this page with a vast selection of timelines organised by century, nationality and period. Scroll through the list to find the timeline you are looking for or search for the timeline directly on Histropedia.


For more information on searching for timelines, and for information on the criteria used for making these timelines take a look at our post: Discover timelines of famous painters.


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To search for painters timelines (and thousands of others) go to Histropdia.com/timeline


The timelines listed on this page have been organised into 3 sections:

  1. Famous Painters by Nationality
  2. Famous Painters by Century and Nationality
  3. Famous Painters by Period

Famous Painters by Nationality



Famous Painters by Century and Nationality


Pre 11th century painters


11th century painters


12th century painters


13th century painters


14th century painters


15th century painters


16th century painters


17th century painters


18th century painters


19th century painters


20th century painters


21st century painters


Famous Painters by Period


Gothic painters


Trecento painters


Quattrocento painters


Renaissance painters


Mannerist painters


Symbolist painters


Baroque painters


Rococo painters


Neoclassical painters


Romantic painters


Realist painters


Modern painters


Impressionist painters


Post-impressionist painters


Art Nouveau painters


Expressionist painters


Futurist painters


Abstract painters


Contemporary painters


*For information on how these timelines were created, including possible errors or inaccuracy’s (and how you can help to fix them) see this post Discover timelines of famous painters.


  • Hello:
    This is really a wonderful site, and I wish you ongoing success and growth. I was asked whether I could tell some friends a quick timeline of some major aritists from around the world. Your site seems custom built to answer that query a thousand fold.

    The reason for this note is simply to highlight a potential bug in what data is shown for the 19th century for the artist Paul Cezanne (window sorting by Century and Nationality). Based on the data shown in the window for 20th century, Cezanne was born in 1839. Assuming that’s the case, then his photo card should also appear in the 19th century between Ibsen and Monet (born in 1840). Not a big deal, just thought if you have a bug bucket, this might be considered for inclusion). Have a great day and all the best.

  • Following up on my message earlier today, I noticed a couple of other items. I hope I am not being a pest or worse, but offer the following for your consideration:

    In the same Century/Nationality section, and looking specifically at the 20th Century roll-up:
    1. Jacques Villegle is showing at the end of the timeline with a Birthdate of 2005 which either makes him an incredible prodigy in Art, or he was born sometime earlier. According to Wikipedia and some other sites, he was born on March 27, 1926. Suggest considering deleting him from the 20th Century and adding him to the appropriate earlier Century Views.

    2. In the same 20th Century view, Joe Simpson, a young UK artist is showing a birthdate of 4 May 1984. If you look him up in Wikipedia, you will see two different birthdates. One occurs in the first sentence and is 4 May 1984, while in the small table to the right, it shows April 5, 1984. This is likely due to the different ways dates are shown i.e. DD/MM/YY in the U.K., and MM/DD/YY in the USA.

    Again, I hope I’m not wasting your/my time with such things. If so, just let me know, and I’ll get back to painting. Cheers.

    • Hi David,

      Really sorry for the late reply, having problems with spam and comment notifications on the blog recently! You are definitely not being a pest, and we really appreciate the feedback. A great deal of our content has been created automatically using Wikipedia and Wikidata, which does mean there are a few mistakes here and there. Luckily with the help of people like yourself we are continuing to improve our content. I will take a look at the errors you spotted and make the necessary corrections.

      Many thanks for your feedback and really glad you like the site, please let me know if there is anything else I can help with or if you spot any other errors in the data.


      Did you know you can edit Histropedia yourself? If you have the time and fancy giving it a go here are a couple of links to get you started

      Editing Events
      Publish changes to directory timelines

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