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From films where the plot revolves around Christmas, like Miracle on 34th Street, to films set during the holidays, like Die Hard, there are hundreds of films that can be classed as Christmas films, and at the bottom of the post you can find a massive timeline showing over 400 of them. But first we have some other timelines to share with you.

 Films based on A Christmas Carol

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By far the most famous, most adapted and probably the best Christmas story ever told is A Christmas Carol. The original novel by Charles Dickens,  published in 1843, has been adapted into at least 45 different films.

Santa Claus in film

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In total we have 69 films in our “Santa Claus in film” category and it would seem that they constitute their own sub-genre of Christmas movie. There is even a Wikipedia article, Santa Claus in film, where you can read about the different types of Santa Claus films.

The 50 Best Christmas Movies

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Because there are so many Christmas films (almost too many for the timeline to handle) I wanted to create a more subjective timeline showing some of the most popular Christmas films. I used The 50 Best Christmas Films, published by Timeout magazine in June this year as the source for the timeline.

As promised we also have a massive timeline with over 400 Christmas films.

Because of the size of the timeline the site may run a little slow, especially on slower machines. Also we highly recommend you use Google Chrome for a timeline of this size (currently Histropedia performs better on Chrome than on other browsers)


We also have a few more related timelines


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