The long and winding Road

It’s been just over a year since we made our first designs for Histropedia. Too much has happened to talk about it all here, we would need a timeline for that 

Layouts, feature and product descriptions may have changed along the way but our message has not,

“The world needs a better way to view and compare its history”

History belongs to us all, it is our past and sets the path for our future, if we cannot understand our past we cannot see our future.

Creating Histropedia is about more than making a timeline; its about creating the tools to allow us to easily view and compare history.

Jimmy Wales founder of  Wikipedia said their main goal is to “make all the world’s knowledge available to all the world people for free”. They’re doing a fantastic job and shown us that given the opportunity there are people with a passion and desire to share knowledge.

Histropedia is building on this foundation of knowledge, using it to not only share the world’s knowledge but use it to tell the story of our history from the big bang to the present day.

We cannot do this alone, nor should we. Its everyone’s story we are trying to tell so everyone should be able to have a say in how its told.

If you would like to get involved now let me know in a comment or email or message or anything,

If you want to help build the timeline directory subscribe, like or follow us to keep up to date with development, we will soon need your help to start building timelines and sharing the knowledge

Sean McBirnie

Co-Founder at Histropedia

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