Histropedia Sheets – Timelines from spreadsheets

Spreadsheet fading to timeline

Histropedia Sheets is a new free tool for creating interactive timelines from spreadsheets published online with Google Sheets. It allows you to create custom timelines for any purpose using simple spreadsheet knowledge only. The columns in your spreadsheet are used to add colour codes, filters and related content for each Event. The resulting timeline can be viewed full screen or […]

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HistropediaJS v1.1.0 Released

cosmic timescale

HistropediaJS v1.1.0 is now available! This is a major new release with significant improvements to the core library, including a massive boost to the available zoom levels, upgraded zoom logic, built in pinch to zoom and many more powerful new features and options! New features in HistropediaJS v1.1.0 Cosmic timescales You can now fit around 15 billion years across the screen when fully zoomed […]

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HistropediaJS Timeline Renderer – New features

HistropediaJS Timeline Renderer

During the next few months we’re rolling out some very cool new features and options and for HistropediaJS, our JavaScript library for creating interactive timelines. This includes some impressive looking animations and several key improvements related to timeline scrolling. Here’s an overview of what’s coming: Smoother and easier timeline scrolling If we have done our job right you may not even notice […]

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Time for an Update! HistropediaJS & ShowCase Timelines


When we are busy creating new things, we sometimes forget to tell the world what we are doing. So here is a long overdue and hopefully very exciting update on what’s being going on at Histropedia recently. HistropediaJS – Timeline Renderer   The Biggest news is the launch of HistropediaJS, a JavaScript library that renders timelines using the same core […]

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