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The final stages of development are under way and the beta version of Histropedia will be launching soon, hopefully in the summer of 2013. So now seems like a good time to take a look at some of the latest designs for the website.

The Timeline

The site has been designed to have a clean, elegant look. 

The events on the Timeline will be colourful so we kept the rest of the design in black and grey-scale, with just a dash of blue here and there.

Adding Events

The latest design features a central search box where you can search for events or Wikipedia articles. 

The events, which have been sourced automatically from Wikipedia, can be added to the timeline with a single click.

Reading Window

The reading window has been designed to enhance the overall experience of the timeline. It provides an engaging way to display content related to every event.

The design here shows the reading window open on the Wikipedia article, allowing you to read the entire article without leaving the timeline. 

Imagine the Reading Window as the window that connects you to several awesome websites and platforms. Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia… to name just a few!

Depending on the event you have selected, the contents of the Reading Window will be updated automatically so as you browse a timeline you can discover even more interesting and related content.

This one shows the YouTube tab displaying related videos for the selected event.

And of course, you can watch the videos without leaving the timeline!

Create and Improve

Not all of the dates we get from Wikipedia are correct and we cant import every single article, so we have created an event editing and adding function that allows the constant improvement of Histropedia.

Coming Soon……..

Stay tuned for more updates!

These beautiful designs have been created by the talented Neil Stewart. View Neil’s portfolio or contact him directly here

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