Priority Display: A step towards The Timeline for all of History

Priority Display

The next major feature for Histropedia is on its way, Priority Display will make a huge difference to the site and bring us a step closer to the timeline of everything.


What does Priority Display do?

Priority Display will limit the number of events you see on the screen at one time by only showing the most important events for the current time range. The idea is to offer a broad overview of history when a large period of time is displayed, allowing you to focus on the most important events. As you zoom in to a smaller period of time the hidden results will begin to appear, letting you explore time in the same way you can explore the world through Google Maps.


Why is it important?

Our vision for Histropedia is to create an interactive timeline for all of history and this feature is an important step towards that goal. Once it is deployed we can, for the first time, put every event in our database on a single timeline and begin to explore over 1 million historical events. It’s not everything, but it’s a good start.


When will it be ready?

The final stages of development and under way and we hope to be testing towards the end of the month, the feature should be going live not long after that.


If you would like to help beta test this feature, leave a comment below or email us at

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