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Below are the slides from our presentation at ISWC 2014, including slides representing the live portions of the presentation. With the slides you’ll find any related knowledge base articles and links to the timelines used during the presentation. If you have any comments regarding the presentation please leave them in the comments.

 SLIDE 1 – Adding events and basic controls


Slide 2c - Add roman empire


Knowledge base articles: Basic Controls

 SLIDE 2 – Editing events, links to data sources


Slide 3b - Wikis


Knowledge base articles: Editing


 SLIDE 3 – Wikidata: a hub for linked data source




Learn More about Wikidata on their home page


Read more about why Wikidata is important on a guest post by us on the Wikimedia Germany blog

 SLIDE 4 – Creating timelines from Wikipedia categories




Example timelines created from Wikipedia categories.


French female artists:

Category in Wikipedia


Ford motor vehicles

Category on Wikipedia


Knowledge base article: Automatic timelines from Wikipedia categories

SLIDE 5 – Creating timelines from Qikidata queries




Example timelines created using Wikidata queries


Descendants of Queen Victoria:[9439][40]


3km radius of the London Eye:[625,51.50,%20-0.12,3]%20AND%20CLAIM[31:(tree[811430][][279])]#


Knowledge base article:
Automatic timelines from Wikidata queries


Tutorial: How to make a “descendants of” timeline using Wikidata.


 SLIDE 6 – Data Map


Slide 1b


A simple map showing the data sources currently used by Histroepdia


 SLIDE 7 – Timeline Directory / Merging Timelines




Example timelines from presentation:


Apollo missions

Private space flight

Mission to Mars

Missions to Jupiter

Missions to Venus

Space exploration timeline (combined timeline)

Knowledge base article: Merging timelines


SLIDE 8 – Coming Soon




More upcoming and suggested features can be found in our ideas and feedback forum.Vote for features or add your own ideas!

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