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Stephen King’s full body of work is considerable, containing over 200 novels, novellas, non-fiction books, screenplays, poems and short stories. By using Histropedia’s ability to create timelines from Wikipedia categories we have individual timelines for each type of work, as well as one timeline containing them all.

Explore the embedded timelines below or scroll down for a list of all the timelines of works by Stephen King. The second part of this post also has information on how the timelines were made, how we will soon be importing tens of thousands of timelines and how you can help to improve them.


Embedded timelines are read-only, click on the External link icon icon to open the timeline on the main site for full controls and all the features.

Novels by Stephen King

Best known for his horror stories, King has written over 50 novels and is one of the best-selling authors of all time, with an estimated 300 – 350 million copies sold.

Screenplays by Stephen King

There have been a lot of film and TV adaptations of Stephen Kings works, several of the screenplays for these adaptations were written by the author himself.

To view all the adaptations of King’s work, not just the ones where he wrote the screenplay take a look at the bonus timeline below.

BONUS TIMELINE: All TV & Film adaptations of works by Stephen King

All timelines of Works by Stephen King

This part of the post has links to all the timelines of works by Stephen King, it also has some information about how these timelines are created using Wikipedia categories and how they are an example of what we can expect from the upcoming timeline directory.

All these timelines have been made from the Wikipedia category Works by Stephen King and it’s sub categories.

Note: You can make your own timeline from any Wikipedia category, learn how here: Automatic timelines from Wikipedia categories

Category:  Works by Stephen King

Sub Category depth: 2

No. of articles: 234

No. of events: 212

To include ALL of the sub categories we used a sub category depth of 2. This means all the articles in the main category, plus the articles in any of the sub-categories, and the articles in any of the sub-categories of the sub-categories are included in the timeline. There are still a few articles that need to be added, but when finished this timeline will show all of the works by Stephen King. Also some of the missing events are due to articles that are duplicated within the sub categories used to create the timeline.

Category:  Novels by Stephen King

Sub Category depth: 1

No. of articles: 57

No. of events: 56

 This is the timeline embedded above and is made from the Wikipedia sub-category Novels by Stephen King. The timeline was created with a the sub category depth set to 1 to include the sub categories, Novels by Richard Bachman and  The Dark Tower novels.The missing event is for the article “The Dark Tower Series”, I have chosen not to include the article because the individual books from the series are already on the timeline.

Category:  Screenplays by Stephen King

No. of articles: 20

No. of events: 20

This is the second timeline embedded above. The timeline is missing one event because the upcoming film Cell, does not have a release date yet.

Category:  Books by Stephen King

No. of articles: 6

No. of Events: 6

Although this timeline is very small, and not of great interest by itself, it is useful to have it available to combine with other timelines. For example it could be used to build a timeline of non-fiction works by Authors better known for their fictional work.

Category: Poetry by Stephen King

No. of articles: 5

No. of Events: 5

As with the previous timeline, this one also has more uses when used in combination with other timelines.

Category: Short story collections by Stephen King

No. of articles: 14

No. of events: 14

Category: Novellas by Stephen King

No. of articles: 26

No. of events: 26

Category: Short stories by Stephen King +  The Dark Tower short stories

No. of articles 94 + 6

No. of events: 78 + 6

This is an example of an incomplete timeline, there are still several events that need creating. We are due to complete a large automatic import in the near future which should increase the number of events. Also the events can be added manually, if any kind soul happens to add any of the missing events please let me know and I will re-create the timeline from the category so the new events are included.

Also  you may notice there are 2 categories making up this timeline. One of them, “The Dark Tower short stories”, is a sub category of the other. Normally we would create this timeline with a depth of 1 sub category to include all the articles. However, the category also contains the sub-category “Novellas by Stephen King”, because we have a separate timeline for novellas we don’t want to include them in the short stories timeline. If you want to see a timeline of both short stories and novellas they can always be added and merged from the search box.

An issue that I came across with the last 2 timelines is a large number of events that occur on the same date. This means the Event Density must be set to show all or some events will remain hidden even when zoomed all the way in. Normally we would be able to solve this problem by  assigning more precise dates to the events as this is only an  issue when events actually occurred on the same day, which is quite rare. However in this case the short stories and novellas were often released in collections, therefore every story in the collection is pinned to the date the collection was published.

A solution, that would have to be done manually, might be to use the timeline of short story collections and add only the novellas and short stories that are not part of the collections. If someone tells me this is something they would like to see, I will probably do it, or if someone else does it before for me I will add it to the timelines available from the search box on Histropedia.

The future vision

This structure of timelines created from Wikipedia categories and sub-categories, including the occasional need to manually create our own variations, is something we hope to replicate for the entire Wikipedia category system.

Very soon we will be importing tens of thousands of timeline from the Wikipedia categories, some of the timelines will need some work, others will simply need combing to make complete timelines, but we will already have an amazing structure on which to create a comprehensive directory of timelines on hundreds of different topics.

Learn more about Histropedia and the final vision for the project on our about page

 Ways to help – Improving date precision

As you may have noticed a lot of the events on these timelines are only pinned to the year, not the exact date they were published or released. For a majority of these events the exact date is available within the Wikipedia article, but because we are only able to import years from Wikipedia and Wikidata currently only has the year date for many of these works the events only show the year. This can easily be fixed by manually improving the precision of the dates. Because all edits are global as soon a date is improved it will update the timeline. This means even if you only improve a single event you will have contributed to the timeline. If enough people just improve a single event we can update all the events in no time.

If you would like to help improve this, or any other timeline, you will need to create a Histropedia account in order to make edits. To learn more about editing Histropedia and how to change date precision please take a look at the following knowledge base articles:

  1. Creating Events
  2. Editing Events
  3. Entering dates
  4. Date Precision


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