Histropedia ALB open data forum presentation

This blog post has the slides and resources used during our recent presentation at the ALB open data forum at the NHM.

Histropedia Directory Timelines:

We started by loading the Timeline of Empires, we then added the event, Oxford University and finished by merging in a timeline of 1090s conflicts. The final timeline we created can be viewed here.

Timeline of Empires, 1090s conflicts + Oxford university


ALB open data forum presentation-

ALB open data forum presentation- (1)


Useful Links


Douglas Adams Wikidata item

Map visualisation of Wikidata links

ALB open data forum presentation- (2)


We used 2 different query generators during the presentation

About these query generators:

These are very simple tools we use internally designed to make it easier and quicker to create certain types of queries. On the spreadsheets many of the statements and items have been added, allowing you to choose the item you want to filter by, if the item you want to filter by isn’t in the list you can simply add the Wikidata item number instead of choosing from the list.

These are open source documents, so please feel free to use and modify, if you do make improvements you can send us updated versions of the generators and we will update the master copy so more people can benefit.

The timelines we created (and the query that was used to generate them are listed below.

TIMELNIE: Descendants of Alfred the Great

QUERY: http://histropedia.com/timeline?q=tree[83476][40]%20AND%20claim[19:(tree[35][150][131,17])]

TIMELINE: Descendants of Alfred the Great born in Denmark

QUERY: http://histropedia.com/timeline?q=tree[83476][40]%20AND%20claim[19:(tree[35][150][131,17])]

TIMELINE: Academy Award for best picture with a subject of War

QUERY: http://histropedia.com/timeline?q=claim[31:(tree[11424][][279])]%20AND%20noclaim[31:(tree[15416][][279])]%20AND%20claim[921:(tree[198][][279,31])]%20AND%20claim[166:(tree[102427][][31,279])]

TIMELINE: Biographical films set in London

QUERY: http://histropedia.com/timeline?q=claim[31:(tree[11424][][279])]%20AND%20noclaim[31:(tree[15416][][279])]%20AND%20claim[136:(tree[645928][][279])]%20AND%20claim[840:(tree[84][150][131,17])]

We also show a timeline of events within 5km of the NHM


QUERY: http://histropedia.com/timeline?q=around[625,%2051.496725,%20-0.176410,5]#

Although we don’t have generator for that type of query we do have a tutorial which shows how you can manually make the queries

Tutorial: Create instant location based timelines using Wikidata queries


To keep up with the latest news for Histropedia you can follow us on twitter: @histropedia

We also have an account dedicated to posting interesting timelines from our directory @histrobot

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