Happy New Year

It has been an amazing year for Histropedia,

we have moved ever closer to achieving our vision of creating the world’s first interactive timeline of everything in history. With each new feature we deploy we place another stepping stone towards that end goal and excitement grows as we start to see the final vision take shape.
We were also lucky enough this year to be given the opportunity of presenting Histropedia to the Wikimedia community during the annual Wikimania conference. To say we were overwhelmed with the response we received would be an understatement. The reception of the community to our project was incredible and was a definite affirmation that we are building something that a great many people want and need.
During the conference we also made our first direct contact with members of the Wikidata team. We not only rely heavily on Wikidata to make Histropedia possible, we are also huge fans of the project, the goals they are trying to achieve and the potential the project can have on Wikipedia, other Wikimedia projects and beyond. It was truly a pleasure to meet some of the amazing people behind the project as well as all the other fabulous Wikipedians we encountered over the weekend.


If 2014 was a big year for us, 2015 is set to be huge!!

We have a major deployment planned for January which will deliver not only the first version of the timeline directory but also a new and improved auto-arrange feature that will give a more consistent, enjoyable experience across timelines of different sizes. This feature is extremely important as the first version of the timeline directory will see roughly 300,000 timelines automatically imported from the Wikipedia categories. So no chance of manually organising all of those!!

Lots more exciting features are planned for 2015, including the fully editable timeline directory, smart timeline filters, custom events and much more.


To everyone who has been a part of the project this last year and everyone who has been enjoying our timelines we wish you a very Happy New Year!!



In case you missed the other post today here are some 2014 end of year timelines to enjoy

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