Descendants of Charlemagne – Interactive Timeline

Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great or Charles I was King of the Franks from 9 October to 768 to 28 January 814. He was born on the 2 April 742 and died on the 28th of January 814.

Charlemagne united most of Western Europe during the middle ages and laid the foundations for modern France. He was also the first Holy Roman Emperor.

Using a Wikidata query we have created a timeline showing over 6000 descendants of Charlemage

What’s very interesting about this timeline is how similar it is to our Descendants of Alfred the Great timeline.

If you would like to learn how to make these descendants of timelines you can learn how on our tutorial:

Tutorial: How to make a “descendants of” timeline using Wikidata.


Or you could try our simple query generators we created on Google docs. These are very basic documents that we use internally to make creating queries easier, however we will soon be incorporating this functionality in to the site.

Browse query generator templates


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Image of Charlemagne from Wikimedia Commons.

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