Children’s TV show timelines

Children's TV show timelines

Children’s TV show related timelines have been trending over the weekend on Histropedia, I’ve been looking over some of these timelines and they are a trove of amazing memories from Saturday morning in front of the T.V.!

Popular children’s TV show timelines

BBC children’s television programmes

Disney XD shows

ITV children’s television programmes

Television series by DHX Media

Disney animated television series

1980s American animated television series

British children’s television programmes


A bit of extensive research (adding some events to a timeline!) shows that this trend may have been due to the 30th anniversery of CBBC (Children’s BBC).

For readers in the UK (or those who can access BBC iPlayer) here is a show looking back over the 30 years of CBBC broadcasting (available until 12 October 2015)

Hackers birthday bash: 30 years of Children’s BBC


What was your favourite T.V. show growing up? what channel or production companies shows would you like to see a timeline of?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll dig up some timelines for you.






For those who enjoy films based on comic book superhero characters we appear to are living in a golden age. With Marvel Studios releasing 10 big budget box office films so far, all set in the same universe, the hugely successful Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale Batman series and what some people have said might be too many Spider-Man movies. We’ve


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