Visualising Wikidata on Interactive Timelines using HistropediaJS

Two years ago, I attended Wikidata’s 3rd birthday celebrations in the Wikimedia Deutschland offices in Berlin. One thing that stuck out to me was the amazing tools and work people were presenting as birthday presents to Wikidata. So, this year at WikidataCon, where we celebrated Wikidata’s 5th birthday, it was a real pleasure to be able to present a new version of […]

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Examples From Our New Wikidata Timeline Creator

  Have you seen our new Wikidata timeline creator? It lets us make filterable timelines live from Wikidata (Wikipedia data) and the results are very impressive!! Below are some of the latest timelines created by us and other users who are already taking advantage of this new tool. The timelines generally have both a colour code and one or more […]

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Wikidata Query Viewer Example Timelines

These example timelines are Wikidata SPARQL queries that have been set up to render timelines using Histropedia’s Wikidata Query Viewer tool. Our Wikidata Query Viewer will render timelines from SPARQL queries run on Wikidata. The tool allows you to map selected variables from the query to the required timeline fields. The examples below have all there fields mapped to display the timeline. Some […]

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Embedding Timelines – On this day content

On this day

Looking for new content for your blog? Need inspiration for your upcoming posts? With Histropedia you can embed any timeline on your blog for free and now we have started collecting timelines to help you find cool content for your ‘on this day’ posts. In total we have over 300,000 timelines mostly created automatically from Wikipedia categories and we’ve started […]

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Descendants timeline tutorial Part 2: Combining Wikidata query statements


New tutorial now available: Create instant location based timelines using Wikidata queries Our previous tutorial showed you how to use a Wikidata query to create a “descendants of” timeline. This time we are going to look at how we can combine some of the examples from the previous post to make more refined timelines and explore some other properties you […]

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Tutorial: How to make a “descendants of” timeline using Wikidata.


New tutorial now available: Create instant location based timelines using Wikidata queries Using the incredible querying power of Wikidata, Histropedia can now automatically create an instant timeline showing descendants of anyone who has a Wikipedia article.   Don’t worry if creating a timeline using a Wikidata Query sounds daunting and complicated, it’s actually fairly simple, especially with our step by […]

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