5 Timelines of Space Exploration

Space Exploration
Discover the history of the Apollo program, private space flight, missions to Jupiter and more with these space exploration timelines.



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Missions to Mars

The red planet has long been an object of fascination, and continues to yield new mysteries as the different Rovers explore its surface.

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Apollo Program

The program that succeeded in landing the first human on the surface of the moon.

Private space flight

In recent years there has been a huge increase in private spaceflight projects, could we be looking at a near future that includes space tourism?

Missions to Jupiter

The first spacecraft to visit our Solar System’s largest planet was the Pioneer 10 in 1973, sending back the first ever close-up pictures of the planet.

Missions to Venus

The first successful mission  to Venus was in 1962 when NASA’s Mariner 2 performed a Flyby of the planet. Since then Ten Soviet probes have achieved a soft landing on the surface.


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