25 Years of the Simpsons

25 years ago today the first episode of the Simpsons aired on network television. 561 episodes and 26 seasons later the animated show is the longest running American sitcom.


One of the most popular TV shows of all time, The Simpsons has influenced many adult-orientated animated sitcoms and has won dozens of awards including 31 Primetime Emmy Awards.

To celebrate the anniversary we have timelines for seasons and episodes of the show and an opportunity to help us create the ultimate timeline of Simpsons episodes.


 First up is a timeline of every season of the Simpsons

 Open in main timeline site for more controls and features

Here is a special timeline of all the house of horrors episodes

  Open in main timeline site for more controls and features

And finally here is all the episodes of season 1

  Open in main timeline site for more controls and features

Now we have timelines of episodes for the other 25 seasons, but as you can see from this timeline of season 2 it needs some work. All that needs doing is each events needs its date changing from just showing the year the episode was first aired to showing the actual date it was first aired, like in the timeline for season 1.

Histropedia is really easy to use, and when you make an improvement you are making that improvement for everyone using Histropedia.  If you would like to help you will need to create an account so you can edit events and then you’re ready to start editing




LIST ICONS 1    Open one of the timelines below


Here are links to the first 5 seasons, we’ll add more seasons to the list and update the colours to show the progress of each timeline as we go.




LIST ICONS 2    Choose an event that only has a year date



As you can from the screenshot above when the events don’t have exacts dates we end up with two stacks of event, also you can see the pictures that have been automatically added to the event are very relevant to the episode.


 LIST ICONS 3    Check Wikipedia for more precise dates



Double click on the event to open the reading window, usually the precise date for the episode is shown in the info box at the beginning of the article. Once you’ve found the dates click on the edit button to open the edit window.


LIST ICONS 4    Update the event with more precise dates


Change the precision setting from YEAR to DAY and enter the dates from the Wikipedia article. Click save to confirm the edit. While in the edit screen you can also change the picture for the event. Click through all the pictures used in the Wikipedia article to find one that best represents the event. Unfortunately only a few of the episodes have images from the episode that can be used for the episode. If one isn’t available I think it’s best we leave it with no image. In some cases this might mean removing the automatically added image, which is often a member of the production team and not really relevant to the individual episode.

Check our knowledge base to learn more about editing events on Histropedia

Because all edits are global the next person to open the timeline will see one less event that needs fixing. Once all the events are fixed we will be left with an amazing timeline showing every episode of the Simpsons ever aired.

There is a lot of knowledge available to us in the world and it’s always used as well is it can, by helping Histropedia you can help create a new and interactive way to discover History.

If you would like to receive updates about the progress of this project and other TV and Film related projects please sign up to our Projects Mailing list.

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